• Bacon Themed Placemat

    Bacon Themed Placemat

    €1.43 €6.39

    Set of 2 bacon themed placemats,.....

  • Bacon Lip Balm

    Bacon Lip Balm

    €7.67 €5.85

    Every time you eat bacon don't you wish you could taste that cured meat flavor all day long? Well, now you can! Just carry around a tube of this Bacon Lip Balm and you can keep you..

  • Bacon Fragrance Oil

    Bacon Fragrance Oil


    Bacon? Yep, Bacon, No seriously,,,it smells like,,,bacon? Yes! It does, Greasy, fried, sizzling on a plate bacon! No Phthalates/Nitro Musks : Yes Flash Point : 260F.....

  • Man Bait - Bacon and Maple Syrup Lollipop (1

    Man Bait - Bacon and Maple Syrup Lollipop (1

    €0.13 €1.27

    A grown up twist to the classic sucker! Das Lolli are all-natural lollipops infused with bold flavors that will delight the most traditional to the most adventurous palettes, By pu..