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  • Spit Balls

    Spit Balls

    €25.59 €17.64

    Slimy Science -- The wonder of polymers makes these slimy spit balls possible, Easy to make and fun to use, spit balls grow to 200x their original size and are slimy to the touch, ..

  • Knock Knock Enemy Spitball Dartpad

    Knock Knock Enemy Spitball Dartpad

    €25.59 €17.64

    Adversaries are the spice of life, but keeping fraught relationships consistently antagonistic can be a daunting task, With a wide array of suggestions for exacting vengeance and c..

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Spit Balls

    Glow-in-the-Dark Spit Balls

    €25.59 €17.64

    These spit balls are amazing wonders of chemistry that are slimy and gross to the touch, Not only can they grow 200 times their size, but they will glow for hours in the dark, maki..

  • Flashing Spinning Red Light Toy Police Light

    Flashing Spinning Red Light Toy Police Light

    €25.59 €17.64

    Let your family, friends, or coworkers know when it's crunch time with this red spinning alert light, Powered by USB port (cable included) with On/Off switch, THIS IS USB POWERED ..

  • Doctor Who the Eleventh - Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

    Doctor Who the Eleventh - Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

    €15.35 €16.79

    The new Doctorâ?TMs Sonic Screwdriver is now yours - as an LED flashlight! You can step into Matt Smithâ?TMs shoes and fight monsters to your heartsâ?TM content,.....

  • Meh Mug

    Meh Mug

    €51.19 €15.35

    New 11 ounce ceramic coffee cup, image is seen on both sides, dishwasher safe,.....

  • Hog Wild Acrobots

    Hog Wild Acrobots

    €12.79 €15.30

    This artistic and futuristic-looking magnetic action figure features a clear round head, magnets in its hands and feet, flexible joints, and the ability to contort and stack into h..

  • Accoutrements Bacon Soap

    Accoutrements Bacon Soap

    €12.79 €15.30


  • CSB BS69OR The Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder,

    CSB BS69OR The Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder,

    €51.19 €15.09

    A fun art deco desk accessory that includes a pen holder, tape dispenser, memo/card holder, paperclip holder and a great conversation piece all in one! Sits about 5" high and comes..

  • Cubicle Notes - Help!

    Cubicle Notes - Help!

    €51.19 €15.09

    With our ultra-witty yet oh-so-useful Cubicle Notes, office communication has finally caught up with the sticky revolution, Express yourself the fill-in-the-blank way, then make it..

  • Stick Man in Officeland

    Stick Man in Officeland

    €51.19 €15.09

    Everyone knows Stickman, He's the generic male silhouette who's constantly caught up in dangerous situations on street signs, This set of puffy vinyl, reflective stickers captures ..

  • Grass Headz

    Grass Headz

    €51.19 €15.09

    The 3" ceramic planter comes packed with growing medium and rye grass seeds, Just add water, a little sunshine, and watch as your new pal grows "hair" in 3 to 4 days, 2 Assorted St..