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    $24.99 $17.99

    New in its original box.....

  • USB Pet Rock

    USB Pet Rock

    $14.49 $15.11

    Simply plug the USB cable into a free port and let the fun begin, The USB Pet Rock will instantly begin to work its magic, People will stop by and ask you what your USB Pet Rock do..

  • USB Controller for OWI-535 & OWI-007 Robotic

    USB Controller for OWI-535 & OWI-007 Robotic

    $14.49 $15.11

    The RAI-Pro USB Interface connects either the OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge (tm) or OWI-007 Robotic Arm Trainer to a Windows PC USB port, The software allows users real time interactive..

  • Colt Derringer Rubberband Gun

    Colt Derringer Rubberband Gun

    $13.90 $14.05

    Colt Derringer Rubberband Gun.....

  • Micro Sonic Grenade

    Micro Sonic Grenade

    $13.90 $14.05

    Important Note The Micro Sonic Grenade already has a battery installed, however you need to pull the black tab underneath the battery to activate the Grenade the first time you use..

  • Crime Scene Bandages

    Crime Scene Bandages

    $13.90 $14.05

    Put one of these Crime Scene Bandages on your wound to scare off the germs, Each 3-3/4" (9,5 cm) tall metal tin contains twenty-five 3" x 3/4" (7,6 cm x 1,9 cm) latex-free adhesive..

  • Annoy-a-tron


    $13.90 $14.05

    The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron would be useless against an army of Snowbots, but it's very effective at disturbing that guy in the sales department or your "friend" down the hall, With..

  • Minecraft Sheet Magnets

    Minecraft Sheet Magnets

    $13.98 $13.99

    Punching your refrigerator will NOT give you milk! It's late, You can hear the zombies outside the castle walls, but you've got to keep on digging because,,, Well, because digging..

  • Spit Balls

    Spit Balls

    $13.98 $13.99

    Slimy Science -- The wonder of polymers makes these slimy spit balls possible, Easy to make and fun to use, spit balls grow to 200x their original size and are slimy to the touch, ..

  • Magic Fishbowl

    Magic Fishbowl

    $14.99 $12.86

    The Magic FishBowl is the perfect desktop pet, These aquatic acrobats will swim around their bowl all day long with no feeding or cleaning required,Product Dimensions : 4,5 x 3,5..